Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a career platform for candidates and recruiters only. It was created to expedite the hiring process by mapping out digital communication that will seamlessly present prescreened candidates to recruiting professionals. Candidates can directly be connected to recruiters with more information regarding their desired career needs and experiences.

We are creating a community where candidates can access information through our online learning center vUniversity, webinars and blogs to provide candidates with current information on preparing for a career shift.

Why should I use when I can use a job search board?

Job search boards help you see how many opportunities are available. They can be very overwhelming and require a lot of search effort on the part of the candidate. Even still, once you openly apply on a public search board, your resume is automatically available for all to see; even your employer. offers candidates the ability to be available for new career opportunities on a confidential platform. The search is over because let’s candidates provide more information about what they are looking for, their experience and what motivates them. We provide you the tools to be more competitive in a race between your competition and tools like a mobile app and dual Employment Relationship Manager can help you manage the hiring process and all communications between recruiters without having to create a spreadsheet.

What does the “v” stand for in

Ever heard of vLookup or vBlog? The “v” referenced stands for ‘vertical’ lookup or ‘video’ Blog, respectively. Our small ‘v’ stands for viable; meaning our candidates are more than capable of working successfully because they have been pre-screened by our HR and recruiting team members.

Why do I have to pay a fee? is a paid cloud-based platform for candidates and recruiters ONLY. You are not paying to access our platform but to utilize the expertise of our team, digital communication and tracking systems keeping candidates informed like never before. Our low cost monthly fee of $15 month is worth knowing your information is in the confines of a confidential platform.

What are vCounselors?

vCounselors are our team members who have been employed within the human resources, recruiting or customer services industry. They are available to help you on-board should you need assistance with creating your profile. They will also check in with you from time to time if your search and communication activity slows down to offer a few tips to garner more visibility.

Those who have purchased our Premium Subscription can opt to have our vCounselors review their  Candidate Personality DNA (personality test) as an add on purchase.

Why recruiters find helpful? helps the individual recruiting professional as well as  small to medium staffing businesses with their search efforts by providing enterprise solutions to them at a fraction of the cost. Our all-in-one platform helps recruiters manage workflow: searches, communication and presentations to both candidates and clients. We are the only career platform that provides our recruiting subscribers with pre-screened talent that has been verified by our team of former HR and recruiting professionals who understand what is needed to present a viable candidate to an employer.

Is there a free trial?

For a limited time you will be able to experience our career platform through our Beta Testing period where candidates can sign up for free and take a test drive of our platform to experience what makes us different. 

Am I guaranteed a position if I use

Though no career platform can guarantee your being placed, we believe that by creating a full profile on our site you will have more of a chance to be seen as a “viable” candidate to our recruiting professional subscribers. This means it will require you fully participate by completing the areas in your profile can increase your chances of finding your next career adventure. 

Like anything in life one has to be realistic and manager one’s expectations. We strive to help with managing your expectations of finding a new career path by providing the tools that will best showcase your needs, talents and experience.  Those with profiles with over 85% completion will receive priority viewing than those who have not.