How to Hack Someone’s Telegram: Top 5 Telegram Hacking Tips
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How to Hack Someone’s Telegram: Top 5 Telegram Hacking Tips

Kids today have become incredibly tech-savvy. They’re able to use smartphones, computers and other electronic gadgets from a very early age. Although, according to statistics, children make up only 6.4% of the structural ratio of telegram users, it’s important for parents to monitor their social media activity to prevent them from mingling with the wrong crowd.

Although there are several ways to hack Telegram, the most effective technique involves utilizing a dedicated monitoring app such as Phonsee. Such apps are designed to track and report every message, email and call that’s made on the target device without raising your loved one’s suspicion.

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Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s Telegram Account?

Getting access to another person’s Telegram account is certainly possible if you use the appropriate tools. Some hacking methods will take more time to work. However, the most reliable way to view your loved one’s chats on Telegram is by using special software. Let’s delve into some vital tips that might come in handy.

Top 5 Telegram Hacking Tips

Tip #1: Phonsee

Phonsee is a superior mobile tracking app that’s equipped with a plethora of monitoring features for both iPhone and Android devices. This particular app comes with a superb Telegram hacking feature that allows you to check your loved one’s Telegram account secretly.

If you’re wondering why your teenage child spends so much time on Telegram, Phonsee can help put your mind at ease. It reveals their secret chats and provides accurate recipient details so you can discover who exactly they’re texting and what they discuss.

This app also offers detailed timestamps for each sent and received message, helping you to figure out the precise date and time those texts were sent. Such details are essential if you’re trying to investigate why your partner/child is acting strangely.

Unfortunately, cases of cyberbullying have increased dramatically over the past decade. The best way to safeguard your child from online bullies and child molesters is by using a tried-and-true tracking app such as Phonsee.

Phonsee’s Main Features include:

  • Call monitoring.
  • Text message scanning.
  • GPS location tracking and geofencing.
  • Messengers and social media monitoring.
  • Keylogging and screenshot capturing.
  • Gallery viewing.

Follow these simple instructions to install Phonsee:

  1. Go to on your preferred web browser.
  2. Click on “Try Now”.
  3. Create an account using your valid email address.
  4. Choose your preferred subscription plan.
  5. Complete the payment and follow the download guide that will be sent to your email.
  6. Install Phonsee on the target device.
  7. Start tracking your target user’s Telegram in real time.

Tip #2: Voicemail Hacking

This less-known Telegram hack involves using an assortment of tools to obtain Telegram’s login code from a given device. Voicemail has some surprisingly weak security protocols, making it an easy target for hackers.

The first step entails spoofing your target’s caller ID so that their voicemail service identifies the number you’re calling from as their number. There are numerous spoofing tools online that can help you achieve this feat.

Next, use brute-force attacks to attempt to gain access to your loved one’s voicemail service. If they don’t have a PIN code, then you won’t have any trouble signing in. It’s also important to implement an SMS flooding attack in order for the target device to momentarily lose internet connection when Telegram sends the code.

SMS flooding is simply the process of sending numerous blank messages to another person’s phone with a view to overwhelming their device and eventually disconnecting their service. When this happens, Telegram will automatically send the login code to voicemail.

Challenges of voicemail hacking

This technique has several notable limitations. These include:

  • You need to be significantly tech-savvy so as to hack into their voicemail.
  • If they’ve protected their voicemail using a PIN code, it’ll be difficult to access it using brute force methods.
  • The third-party software you utilize to flood their device with SMS texts or spoof their caller ID could infect your device with malware.
  • Modern gadgets are so sophisticated that they might be unaffected by SMS flooding attacks.

Tip #3: Screenshot Asking

A simpler alternative you could try for hacking Telegram involves requesting the target user to send you a screenshot of their Telegram account. Although this method is less complex than the one discussed above, it involves a lengthy process, as shown below:

  1. Find an unsuspecting individual. The last thing you want is for them to realize it’s a scam. Look for a gullible target who trusts you enough to disregard foul play.
  2. Log into their Telegram account from another phone. All that’s needed is their phone number. Once you attempt signing in, Telegram will immediately send a code to the target device.
  3. Ask them to send you a Telegram screenshot. There are numerous ways to ask, but you need to be creative. Use your sense of humor to create a funny text such as “Hey, I heard Telegram just introduced a really cool feature. Send a screenshot of your account pronto so I can check whether you got it.” Once they send the screenshot, you’ll conveniently view the login code.
  4. Log into their account. Quickly enter the code and sign in. Make sure you terminate any active sessions before you start snooping around.
  5. Change their password. If you don’t want them logging in from their end and terminating your session, consider changing their credentials so they get locked out.

Challenges of screenshot asking

Here are a few drawbacks to this method:

  • It’s easy for the target to discover they’re being hacked and contact the police
  • Once they realize they’ve been locked out of their account, they can inform Telegram to block it permanently

Tip #4: Using Telegram Web

Telegram provides a web-based version known as Telegram Web. Fortunately, you can log into your target’s account using this desktop version. This method is completely free and doesn’t require you to purchase any app. However, you’ll need their login information.

Follow these steps to hack Telegram using Telegram Web:

  • Visit from your PC browser.
  • Click on the drop-down menu, pick the appropriate country and type in your loved one’s phone number that’s linked to their Telegram account.
  • Click on “Next,” then tap “OK” when prompted to confirm the mobile number.
  • Once done, Telegram will send a login code to the provided number.
  • Gain physical access to the target device and enter the received code in the relevant field.
  • When this process is complete, you’ll be able to access the target user’s Telegram messages on your PC and read through their chats.

Challenges of using Telegram Web

This method has a few disadvantages, such as:

  • You’ll need physical access to the target device.
  • You also require their screen unlock passcode.
  • It’s easy for them to find out that you’re spying on them.

Hack #5: Using Backup Files

You might be wondering: can Telegram be hacked on an iPhone? If your partner or child uses an iPhone, then it’s possible to access their backup files. However, they need to have an iTunes backup service for this method to work.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Get the user’s computer and launch iTunes. Copy their backup data from their PC.
  • Connect your phone to their PC using a lightning data cable.
  • Once your device gets detected, click on it and select “Summary”.
  • Next, select “Restore Backup” and choose the files you’d like to retrieve from available backups.
  • Disconnect your device, review the backup data and check their Telegram chats from the comfort of your phone.

Challenges of using backup files

Despite its advantages, this method also comes with some drawbacks:

  • Physical access to the target Macbook is required to access iTunes.
  • All devices need to be running iOS.
  • Telegram message backup on the individual’s iPhone has to be up-to-date.
  • You’ll likely lose any data you’ve backed up once you replace it with the backup from your target user’s iTunes.

How to Protect Your Telegram Account From Hacking

There are several measures you can implement to safeguard your Telegram account. These include:

  1. Enabling 2FA

Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection since it prompts you to enter a unique code that’s sent to the phone number you used to register Telegram.

  1. Utilizing a Strong Password

Ensure you use a combination of upper/lower case letters, numbers and special characters to make your Telegram password impenetrable.

  1. Updating Your Device Regularly

Conducting regular updates ensures that your phone has all the latest bug fixes and security patches. As a result, any vulnerabilities that a potential hacker could exploit are conveniently expelled.

  1. Reviewing App Permissions Frequently

You should restrict these permissions to what’s necessary if you want to protect your data more diligently.

  1. Don’t Share Sensitive Info

If someone solicits you for passwords, credit card data and other personal information, block them immediately. Such information should only be shared with a few trusted counterparts via encrypted messengers.


Most people who use Telegram to chat have nothing but good intentions. However, some malicious users could take advantage of naive folks on the app, leading to catastrophic results. That’s why it is important to protect those you love using a dependable monitoring app. So, how to hack someone’s Telegram? After months of research, we’d highly recommend Phonsee as the best app for Telegram hacking.

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