How To Hack Husband Mobile Calls And Messages in 2024: A Guide
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How To Hack Husband Mobile Calls And Messages in 2024: A Guide

According to a U.S. survey, 21 percent of people admitted to cheating on a partner. With figures so high, it’s no wonder many women are searching online for how to hack husband’s mobile calls and messages. Thankfully, there are things you can do to find out the truth — and they don’t all involve sneaking a look at the phone while he’s in the shower. In our guide, we’ll explore different ways you can use to find out what’s going on in your husband’s world. Whether you’re worried about cheating or something else, we’re here to help.

U.S.: Reported to Infidelity 2021 | Statista

Can I Track My Husband’s Phone Just by Its Number?

Many people ask, “How can I hack my husband’s phone by using his number?” While this is possible, and there are a few ways to do it, it’s not the easiest way. For instance, the police can access things on someone’s phone with their number, but it involves connecting with the network operator — and there are even laws about what they can access and for what reasons. The chances are, you’re not going to be able to do it this way.

How to Hack Husband’s Mobile Calls and Messages With Spy Apps?

One of the best ways how to hack your husband’s phone is to use a spy app — and there are plenty of these doing the rounds. This is actually quite a competitive market, but some apps are easier than others, and some give you more information. Here are some options:

#1 Phonsee

Arguably, the best solution — and the best spy app — is Phonsee. This cell phone tracker for Android and iPhone has tons of features, allowing you to hack and track someone’s phone with ease. This app is quick and easy to install and use, and it runs in the background completely undetected.

In terms of features, Phonsee has call tracking and recording, SMS tracking, and social media monitoring. This means you can check out what your husband is saying, chatting about, or posting on sites like Facebook. Another great feature is the ability to track the device with GPS location. This happens in real-time and there’s no delay. So, if he says he’s somewhere, you can check if he’s telling the truth or not. Finally, you can view multimedia stored on the device and restrict access to apps or websites of your choosing.

#2 Minspy

An alternative to Phonsee is Minspy. This app allows you to monitor your husband’s calls and see who he called, when, and how long the call lasted. You’ll know everything, just as if you were looking at his call log directly on his phone.

Minspy also allows for text reading with timestamps of when conversations happened. This includes other messaging and social media apps like WhatsApp.

Here are some pros and cons of Minspy:


  • There are lots of features.
  • You can see their browser history.
  • You can set up a geo-fence to get alerts about their location.
  • It runs in stealth mode.


  • It is expensive, especially if you want to monitor more than one device.
  • There is no free trial.
  • There are limitations for iPhones.

#3 Pumpic

Pumpic is an alternative spy app that allows users to monitor mobile usage and follow online activity. You can view lots of content held on their device, like photos, videos, contacts, emails, call history, and calendars. It also allows you to monitor social media apps like Skype, Instagram, and more. There is a handy keylogger tool, so you can track passwords or conversations and you can even change controls remotely. Here are some pros and cons of Pumpic:


  • Lots of features allow you to spy on a range of phone apps and content.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Quick to load for real-time monitoring.
  • There are a range of subscription options.


  • There is no call recording feature.
  • You can’t look at anything that’s been deleted apart from text messages.
  • There are glitches reported by some users.

#4 Spyic

Spyic has a range of features, like a text message reader, allowing you to receive any sent or received messages. You also have access to a GPS tracker that allows you to see where they’ve been and when both their real-time location and their history. This uses both GPS and Wi-Fi tracking. You can even set up notifications to see when they arrive or leave a designated location. Though this app is popular with parents who are concerned about their children, it’s also useful for those concerned about their spouse’s activities. Here are some pros and cons:


  • There is a demo version available.
  • The user interface is good.
  • The customer support is good.


  • It can get expensive if you want the premium packages.
  • The basic plan is quite limited.
  • iOS users don’t get as many features.

#5 Mobipast

Mobipast is a monitoring app that’s suitable for both iOS and Android users. It allows you to monitor call logs, messages, and emails. There’s also a keylogger feature that records every keystroke of the device, which makes it easier to see what’s been typed, even if it’s been deleted. The app is easy to install, but it does require jailbreaking to work.

Here are some pros and cons:


  • It is undetectable and runs in the background.
  • There’s a keylogger tool, so even if they delete something and don’t end up sending it as a message, you’ll still know what they wrote.
  • The app size isn’t large and won’t take up a lot of space. It also won’t make things run slowly.


  • You need to jailbreak iOS devices.
  • Android devices need a download link, which takes longer.
  • There is no geofencing functionality, so you can’t track locations and be alerted to where they are.


Can I Monitor 2-3 Phones at the Same Time?

Yes. Most spy apps allow you to monitor multiple devices. However, you normally have to pay extra for the privilege, which can add up. However, if you just want to track your husband, you won’t need this feature, so you can choose the cheaper subscriptions—unless he has more than one device, of course.

Is It Possible to Install Spy Apps Remotely?

No. Despite many app advertisements claiming otherwise, spy apps need to be installed directly on a device. This means that you will need physical access to the mobile phone for a short time. Some also require jailbreaking to work, which can take longer. However, there are other ways of spying on messages and WhatsApp (e.g., via iCloud or WhatsApp web), but you won’t have full access to everything on the phone.

Do I Need to Root or Jailbreak Target Android or iOS Device Before Using Spy Apps?

This depends entirely on the app. Some spy apps do require you to jailbreak or root a phone, while others don’t. This will all be listed in the specs of the app, so it’s important to read everything thoroughly before purchasing a subscription so you know the app is suitable for your needs.


Whatever the reason for you wanting to hack your husband’s phone, there are plenty of options available. Arguably, the best one — the one with the most features for the price and the highest reviews — is Phonsee. This app will do what you need it to do and will do so discreetly.

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