How to Hack Into Someone’s TikTok Account? Check These Methods
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How to Hack Into Someone’s TikTok Account? Check These Methods

In 2022, TikTok was the leading mobile app in the world in terms of downloads. In that one year alone, the app was downloaded 672 million times. This beats any other social network, including Instagram (548 million), WhatsApp (424 million), and Facebook (298 million).

The greatest number of users are those aged 18 to 24. However, you can use TikTok from the age of 13 (or younger, if you make up your date of birth). This means lots of parents out there are worried about what their children are getting up to. Here’s how to hack a TikTok account.

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Common Reasons to Hack Someone’s TikTok Account

Given that TikTok use is prevalent among the young and has a reputation for leading people down all sorts of algorithm-based paths, parents are naturally concerned about the content their children are accessing. But it’s not just parents that want to know about TikTok use.

Given the harmful content available, partners might also want to know what their other half is watching, particularly if there are mental health concerns. Also, if someone suspects cheating, it could be happening on TikTok, so they look for ways how to hack into someone’s TikTok account for confirmation.

Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s TikTok Account?

Although it is possible to hack a TikTok account, you have to be quite savvy about technology to do it successfully. Arguably, the best and most reliable method is to use a special hacking app — a spy app, as it were — to send you all of the content you need access to. The great thing about these apps is that they also provide you with lots of other information, and not just these TikTok related ones!

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Top 3 Methods How to Hack TikTok

In our research, we found three proper ways how to hack TikTok. These methods are suited to different needs. What works for one person might not work for another. Here are the things you can try.

Method 1. Phishing Attack

What was once reserved for cybercriminals or a professional TikTok account hacker is now easier to access than before. There are phishing tools online that will help you to generate a phishing email that includes a link to a fake login for TikTok. When the person logs in to this fake site, you’ll see their email and password in the fake site. Provided it looks realistic, it’s easy to fall for this trick. Once you know the email address and password, you can log in using their credentials on the real site.

Method 2. Hacking Apps

The best way how to hack a TikTok account has to be with a hacking app. There are many of these available and, as can be expected, some are better than others. Here are a few you can try:

#1 Phonsee

The best solution to hack someone’s TikTok is Phonsee. This hacking app allows you to monitor TikTok, including what’s being posted, viewed, sent, and received. But that’s not all. Phonsee is a comprehensive spy app that has heaps of other features.

Firstly, it runs completely undetected on the person’s phone, which means after the initial installation, you don’t need to worry about them knowing you’re hacking anything. The setup process is really quick, so you don’t need the device for long.

Once installed, you can look at GPS location, including previous routes and history, monitor calls, scan text messages, read emails, access their contacts, and more. And if TikTok isn’t the only social media app they use, Phonsee also monitors Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, KiK, Hangouts, and more.

With the keylogger tool, you can record every single keystroke made, including any login credentials and search queries. You can also automatically capture screenshots.

#2 uMobix

uMobix is similar to Phonsee, though it has fewer features. It has a free demo but no free trial, which is annoying. In terms of features, you get all of the basics: text and call monitoring, browser history, and location tracking. You can also look at other social media accounts as well as TikTok.

Like Phonsee, it has a keylogger tool and remote access to the phone camera and microphone, which is good. However, it doesn’t have a geofencing feature, so you can’t receive notifications when the person arrives and leaves a given area.

#3 AnyControl

AnyControl is another app you can use to hack TikTok. It is easy to set up and begin and, like other spy apps, works discreetly in the background. You can monitor shared media and direct messages on TikTok and other sites like Snapchat.

In terms of other features, you can also use GPS tracking to see where the device is remotely. This works in real-time. The app also has call log checking and recording, message monitoring, and a keylogger for Android. The downside to this app is that Android performs much better and gives you more data than iOS.

Method 3. Guess Their Password

There is one tried-and-tested method how to hack TikTok accounts that goes back to the early days of emails: guessing passwords. If you know someone well enough, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to guess their password for TikTok, especially if they’re young and not au fait with creating strong and unique passwords. Sometimes, you can ask for a password hint, too, which you might be able to use to help you. This can be very time-consuming, however, and won’t guarantee results.

How to Protect Your TikTok Account From Hacking

If you’re a TikTok user yourself and are reading this and starting to worry about your own account being hacked, there are things you can do to protect yourself. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Never share your passwords, even with your spouse or child.
  2. Always create a unique password for each site you use.
  3. Use two-factor authentication (2FA) for logins.
  4. Ensure you revisit the security and privacy settings for your apps regularly and check permissions, including location tracking.
  5. Check your login history to look for suspicious logins.
  6. Read up about the latest hacking scams so you don’t fall victim to them.
  7. Make sure you know about phishing so that you’re less likely to fall for it.
  8. Change your passwords regularly and don’t write them down anyway.
  9. If you use public computers or share a device, make sure you log out after each use.
  10. If you’re logged in at work, make sure you lock your computer screen when you’re not at your desk.
  11. For employers with business TikTok accounts, make sure you secure these accounts and educate the team about best practices for security. This is vital to secure the account and keep up your business’s good reputation and relationships with clients.


Wanting to and knowing how to hack someone’s TikTok don’t always go together. If you’re a worried parent or concerned spouse, TikTok might hold lots of answers to what’s really going on. However, you need to be careful with how you approach things.

If your child (or partner) won’t let you check their account, it’s a good sign that things aren’t right. This calls for a hacking solution like Phonsee that will let you see what’s going on discreetly and in real-time. Only once you know can you help to resolve the situation. And you never know, the problem might not be there at all! Good luck!

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