How to Hack Android Phone Successfully
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How to Hack Android Phone Successfully

Despite notable advancements in mobile and computer security over the past few decades, more than 800,000 cyber attacks still occur every day. Gladly, you can protect your phone from hacking attempts by installing reliable antivirus software and deleting any apps that seem suspicious.

Learning how to hack into an Android phone can help you locate a lost or stolen device. In addition, this skill can come in handy if you’re looking to safeguard your children from online predators. In this article, we’ll reveal some effective Android hacking tools that you can use to infiltrate any target device.

Can an Android Phone Be Hacked?

Android devices usually come equipped with an assortment of security features that include fingerprint verification and malware detection. However, these phones aren’t as secure as iPhones. The latter contains more advanced safety functionalities that make it virtually impossible to hack them.

As such, Android phones can definitely be hacked. You can practice healthy mobile phone etiquette, such as installing genuine apps from trusted sources and conducting regular updates if you wish to avoid getting hacked.

If you believe that unauthorized individuals have already taken over your phone, it might help to conduct a quick factory reset. This action deletes all apps and files that are stored within your device, including any existing spyware.

Ways to Hack an Android Smartphone

Thanks to technology, learning how to hack an Android phone is remarkably easy these days. The methods described below don’t require any technical expertise. In fact, you can utilize any of them to easily gain access to another person’s Android device.

Here are the best ways to hack an Android smartphone:

1. Using Hacking Apps for Android

This is the most powerful method to hack a cell phone. There are some special hacking apps for Android that you can use to infiltrate another phone remotely. Once installed, this software can help reveal your target user’s SMS texts, social media chats, emails, and more.

Here are some of the best hacking apps today:


Phonsee is one of the best smartphone monitoring solutions in the market. Apart from being available on both iOS and Android devices, this app operates undetected and offers a quick setup process.

Some of Phonsee’s most impressive features include:

Social media monitoring – you can view someone else’s private chats on Instagram, FB Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Tinder and a host of other social platforms using this impressive feature.

GPS location tracker – view their whereabouts in real-time using Phonsee’s accurate GPS tracker. You can also set virtual boundaries on a map and receive prompt alerts every time your target enters or leaves those geofences.

Keylogger – this feature captures every keystroke that’s completed on the device being monitored. Subsequently, you’re able to discover your loved one’s account login credentials, sent text messages, secret codes and more.

Screen recorder – Phonsee also captures screenshots of the target user’s screen at regular intervals, giving you a glimpse of their conversations so you don’t leave any stone unturned.

To install Phonsee, simply follow this process:

  1. Visit on your computer browser.
  2. Sign up for an account using your preferred email and password.
  3. Choose a suitable subscription plan and complete the payment.
  4. Check your mailbox and follow the setup instructions sent by Phonsee.
  5. Finish the installation process to start tracking the target device.


As a parent, it’s your responsibility to protect your children from the perils that exist online. Mobipast is a modest mobile tracking app that comes with several key features. These include SMS monitoring, keylogging, email tracking and call log viewing.

This app provides a birds-eye view of your loved ones’ conversations on popular social media platforms such as Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, and Line. It runs completely undetected, ensuring that your spying activities remain hidden.

Unfortunately, Mobipast doesn’t provide some key tracking features, such as geofencing. Users are also required to have physical access to the target Android phone for initial installation, which takes ages to finalize.


Haqerra is a brilliant tracking solution that promises to hack any phone in a matter of minutes. Once installed, this app provides unrestricted access to your loved one’s social media chats, SMS messages, call logs, GPS location, gallery contents and emails.

You can discover which websites your target user visits (even in incognito mode) using Haqerra’s browser history viewer. To start using this app, you’ll need to visit and purchase your desired subscription. Next, follow the detailed instructions that will be sent to your email and then run the software. You’ll conveniently obtain all the data you require.

Haqerra boasts of having a friendly user interface and an assortment of helpful monitoring features. In addition, it works in stealth mode and provides remote access to any device.

2. Hack an Android by Sending an SMS

Did you know that you can hack an Android phone by conducting an SMS attack? This process involves sending SMS malware to any unsuspecting individual with the goal of gaining illegal access to their device..

A hacker can use this technique to deliver harmful URL links containing malware to selected users. Once a naive person clicks on those links, they inadvertently download harmful viruses that either expose privileged data or delete all information completely.

You can avoid becoming a victim of SMS attacks by deleting any texts that appear malicious and steering clear of dubious URL links.

3. Hack Android Phone by Sending a Link

Hackers today have become notorious for sharing malware-laden links via email, a process known as phishing. You may have come across weird emails sent to your Google mailbox trying to lure you into clicking an unverified URL link.

Once you click on a suspicious phishing link, a malware download ensues. Your smartphone becomes even more vulnerable to attack if it doesn’t have antivirus software installed.

There are two main types of phishing attacks: email and SMS phishing. Email phishing is often used to target corporate employees and government workers, while SMS phishing focuses on children and the elderly group.

4. Sketchy Wi-Fi Connections

Some black-hat hackers use ingenious ways to hack Android phone connected to my Wi-Fi. If your wireless network seems sketchy, then it’s probably best to avoid connecting to it. Most public Wi-Fi hotspots found in airports, cheap motels and cafes are usually unsecured – they’re often used by hackers to infiltrate people’s devices without consent.

As a rule of thumb, never connect to any “free” Wi-Fi if you care about protecting your data. It’s better to create a personal hotspot using your cell phone’s data link. Even then, consider utilizing a VPN to hide your IP address and browser history.

Those unsecured connections that are found in public amenities such as bars and amusement parks should be avoided at all costs.

5. Hacking via Bluetooth

Are you familiar with any hacking techniques that exploit a wireless service known as Bluetooth? These tactics basically allow you to gain access to someone else’s device using Bluetooth technology. Hackers are able to connect to PCs and other peripheral Bluetooth devices using some brute force methods.

Once a connection has been established, they’re able to view your messages, videos, photos, documents and other confidential files. Here are a few ways that Bluetooth can be used to confiscate private data:

  • Bluesnarfing. This technique involves forcing a connection to a particular Bluetooth device in order to retrieve stored data.
  • Bluebugging. Some hackers can spy on you remotely by establishing a backdoor Bluetooth connection to your Android phone.
  • Bluejacking. This method involves sending spam text messages containing malicious links to target individuals. Once recipients click on those links, the hacker automatically gains access to their info.

What Data Can You Access by Hacking an Android Phone

Now that you’re familiar with how to hack an Android phone, let’s discuss what type of data you can obtain. Once you’ve successfully gained access to the target device, you can access their private chats on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media apps.

In addition, you’ll be able to view their email, notes, calendar events, GPS location, installed apps, browser history and SMS texts.


Anyone can hack an Android device using the methods we’ve elucidated above. After testing each of them, we found hacking apps to be the most effective. Phonsee is arguably the best hacking app for Android and we can’t recommend it enough.

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