How To Hack A Twitter (X) Account Easily: The Best Ways
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How To Hack A Twitter (X) Account Easily: The Best Ways

Millions of people use Twitter (or X, as it’s now known) every day. The biggest year for Twitter users so far was 2022, when there were around 368.4 million users worldwide. However, many people spend a lot of time on Twitter and in Twitter DMs, so if you’re worried about someone because of what they’re saying on Twitter (or otherwise), you might want to hack their account. In this article, we’ll tell you how to hack a Twitter account easily so you can get the information or reassurance you need.

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Reasons to Hack Someone’s Twitter

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to hack a Twitter account. Perhaps you’re worried about your child, or you’ve noticed them being protective of their account. Maybe your teen is being bullied but won’t divulge how. Or, in a lot of cases, you might be worried about a partner’s fidelity (or lack thereof).

There are other reasons why you might want to hack Twitter accounts, too. This includes being a business owner with employees using Twitter. If your organization’s reputation is on the line, there’s every reason why you might want to access someone’s Twitter account.

Can You Hack Someone’s Twitter Account?

In short, hacking Twitter account information is possible. However, like many similar tasks, it could be unethical or even illegal. However, there are lots of legal monitoring apps out there for parents who need to check on their loved ones and protect them from inappropriate content and bullying.

Spy apps can help by tracking what’s sent and received on a Twitter account, including posts, media, and DMs. Knowing what’s being said and shared is the first step in helping anyone who’s having a bad time.

Top 5 Methods of Hacking Twitter Account

There are lots of ways of hacking Twitter accounts, so if one doesn’t work, you have plenty of others to try. These include:

  • Accessing passwords.
  • Using hacking apps.
  • Hacking email accounts linked to Twitter.
  • Using malware and viruses.
  • Guessing the password.

Here are some more details about each method.

Method 1. Access the Saved Passwords

This method allows you to hack Twitter account easily. This is simple because it means you access the person’s saved password list. Not everyone has one, but some do. We’re not talking here about a handwritten list of passwords — you’re unlikely to find that in someone under the age of 70 — but a place in the person’s device where all passwords are stored, including their password to Twitter.

You know when Google or another web browser asks you to remember the password? This is the sort of list we’re talking about. If you can find it on the person’s device, you can remember it or copy it so you can then access their account whenever you wish.

Method 2. Hacking Apps

Another method that’s popular among parents is to download and install a secret spy or hacking app. There are plenty of these around, but some are better than others. Here’s a selection of them that we’ve tried out to write this review.



Arguably, the best way to access someone’s Twitter account is using a spy or hacking app like Phonsee. This app is mainly used by concerned parents who set out to protect their children and monitor their online activity. It’s an easy way to have real-time access to the person’s account, and it also has lots of other capabilities. These include GPS tracking, call tracking, SMS information sent and received, and the ability to see all of the media files stored on the phone, including voice notes, videos, and photos.

The app works on both iOS and Android devices and runs undetected on their phone. You’ll only need to access the target device once to install it, and then after that, you’ll have complete access to their Twitter account as well as all of the other great Phonsee features. The company also has excellent customer support 24/7, so there’s always help when you need it.

The GPS tracking feature is particularly useful as you can see where the phone is, the route they took, and the places they visit most often. This is useful because they might say they’re in one place on Twitter, but you can find out the truth by checking the phone’s location.

Method 3. Hack the Email Linked to the Twitter Account

Hacking the person’s email address that is linked to the Twitter account is another way of getting access to their Twitter. However, it isn’t an easy method, and they might also see a notification to say that someone has logged in. Essentially, this works by logging in and creating a new password. The access might not last long, though, because if the person realizes they’ve been hacked and the password has changed, they won’t actually be able to log in, so all communication that you were looking to monitor might stop.

Method 4. Using Malware and Viruses

This is completely technical and not an easy way of doing things but if you know how, you can use malware and viruses to access someone’s Twitter account. This involves sending the person a malicious link and, presuming they click on it, spying software will then be stored on their system so you can collect things like passwords and see what they’re writing on Twitter. Usually, only the very technically minded can do this successfully.

Method 5. Guessing the Password

This is probably one of the first methods invented for hacking someone’s account. Guessing the password is not guaranteed, however you might get lucky. Also, if you know the password for another one of their accounts, it’s likely that they use the same or similar for all of their accounts. Here are some ways you can try to guess their Twitter password:

  1. Use common passwords, including ‘password.’
  2. If you suspect they’ve included a number, try adding 1 or 2 to either the end of the guess or the beginning.
  3. Try adding a capital letter at the start of the password you’re trying.
  4. Check the password requirement for Twitter. If it needs to be 8 digits long, for instance, check that your guesses fit that criteria.
  5. Ask for the password hint. If you know the person well, you might be able to answer the secret question.
  6. Try combinations that are related to their birthplace, city, hobbies, and date of birth, for example.

How to Protect Your Twitter Account From Hacking

If all of this talk of Twitter account hacking is making you nervous, be sure to take steps to protect your own account. Here are some things to do to protect yourself:

  • Use unique, strong passwords that don’t contain guessable information.
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) so that it sends a code to your phone when you want to log in.
  • Understand what phishing is and what it can look like. Don’t click on links that look suspicious in direct messages or Tweets. Never send personal details to anyone.
  • Carry out regular checks on your security settings and look at access and login history.
  • Revoke access to apps you don’t recognize or no longer use.
  • Educate and train team members if it’s a business Twitter account.


Sometimes, hacking someone’s Twitter account is needed. Worried parents, concerned partners, and wary business owners all have valid reasons for wanting to hack a Twitter account. Whatever the reasons, we hope this article has given you some ideas on how to handle the situation.

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