How to Hack My Boyfriend’s Snapchat and Stay Undetected?
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How to Hack My Boyfriend’s Snapchat and Stay Undetected?

With over 200 million daily users globally, Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications in the world today. The photo and video-sharing app has grown tremendously since its launch in 2011. Fun and colorful filters alongside several other intriguing camera features are some of the things that make the software a hit among its audience base. However, while it has brought an exciting feel to the digital space, Snapchat is also famous for some not-so-great reasons.

For example, infidelity is rampant on the app, with individuals in romantic relationships using Snapchat as a platform to foster illicit sexual relationships. And, with this trend of unfaithfulness in intimate relationships, it’s no surprise that so many people are searching for ways to hack a Snapchat account. If you’ve been looking for how to hack your boyfriend’s Snapchat, we’ve put together this detailed guide with solutions that you could find helpful. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

What Is Snapchat? 

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Launched in 2011, Snapchat is the brainchild of Stanford University graduates Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel, and Bobby Murphy. The initial idea was to build an application where users could post pictures that disappeared after a short period. Brown came up with the concept and worked with Spiegel and Murphy to create the software originally called Picaboo. 

A legal battle between the trio saw Brown leave the company in the same year of its launch and the application eventually renamed Snapchat. The app quickly became a hit, as, within its first year, Snapchat users were sharing over 20 million snaps daily. As Snapchat grew in popularity, several innovative features began to follow, including Snapchat Stories, Chat, Geofilters, Lenses, and Memories. 

These capabilities appealed to a young demographic of internet users, and by 2016, Snapchat had a larger audience than Twitter and more video views than Facebook. Today, over 100 million people use Snapchat in the United States alone. 

Why Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Snapchat? 

Snapchat grew in popularity due to its innovative camera and photo-sharing capabilities. Its hallmark is the disappearing feature, which allowed users to share media content and send messages that would eventually disappear. However, this functionality is also one of Snapchat’s dark sides. 

For individuals in intimate relationships, Snapchat’s disappearing feature creates the opportunity to engage in inappropriate sexual relationships and not get caught. Usually, spouses who suspected their lovers were cheating could go through their phones when they were not looking to confirm their suspicions. Unfortunately, Snapchat removes the possibility of this happening, as the proof of the unfaithful partner’s infidelity disappears before anyone can find it. 

As such, most people are looking for ways to access their partner’s Snapchat account before the messages get deleted. Fortunately, several solutions can help get this done. If you’ve been all over the Internet lately searching for how to hack your boyfriend’s Snapchat, we’ve reviewed some of the top methods you can try out in the next section alongside one phony option you should avoid. Check out our picks. 

How to Hack a Snapchat Account — Tutorial 

If your boyfriend’s use of Snapchat has been making you suspicious for a while, you’ve probably looked up the above question on the Internet recently. You’ve also likely discovered several hacking methods, and now you’re confused on which of them to pick. Well, to help you out, we’ve discussed the most legit Snapchat hacking techniques out there. We’ve also picked out what you shouldn’t try to avoid wasting time and money. Briefly, here’s our list:

Using Spy Apps — The Most Reliable Way

When it comes to hacking a Snapchat account, spy apps are the most efficient option available. Cell phone spy applications generally give you access to specific features on a target smartphone remotely and in stealth mode. Some of the capabilities you can monitor with cell phone spyware include phone calls, text messages, location, web browser activities, and social media accounts like Snapchat. With a smartphone spy app, you have real-time access to your boyfriend’s Snapchat messages alongside any pictures and videos shared on the platform. 

One of the best things about spy apps, though, is that you have access to deleted content, as well. So, even if your boyfriend’s Snapchat texts and shared media have disappeared from his account, you can still view them on your spy app Control Panel.

Furthermore, since these applications work in stealth mode, you don’t have to worry about getting caught. They’re the most comprehensive hacking solution you can find! 

3 Apps to Hack Boyfriend’s Snapchat


mSpy Snapchat tracker

mSpy is one of the best apps to log into someone’s Snapchat and stay undetected. It was launched in 2010 and since then has more than 1 million users. It’s a must-have tool for girlfriends who wish to test their partners’ loyalty. This powerful tool comes with a personal Control Panel that allows every user to trace all Snapchat messages, including the deleted ones. You can also access all multimedia files shared within the app, including the exact dates and times when they were shared. Hence, using this powerful tool, you will always stay one step ahead.


●  Easy to install and navigate.

●  Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

●  Even deleted files can be accessed.


●  It requires you to log in before you can view the pricing plan, which hampers the overall user experience.



If your gut feeling tells you that something does not sit right with your boyfriend, use a spying app like eyeZy to get to the bottom of the issue. eyeZy comprises various functions that make it easier for you to “Operation hack boyfriend’s Snapchat” without any obstructions. Like most spying apps, it is built primarily for parents to monitor their kids’ activities on the Internet. Yet, when it comes to relationship matters, eyeZy has proved a worthy companion, helping you find out the truth easily by giving you access to all the conversations and evidence going on within the Snapchat app.


  • Unlike most Snapchat monitoring apps, you don’t need to jailbreak the iOS device or root the Android device to track activity.
  • Allows you to access all deleted conversations and files within the app.
  • Fairly priced.


  • The app is not very user-friendly.



Hoverwatch provides an amazing Snapchat history hack solution, making it one of the most worthy companions for the suspicious boyfriend or the generally curious person. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to hack someone’s Snapchat, Hoverwatch provides a seamless way to get all the information you need, including media files and messages, while operating in full incognito mode on any advice, like a well-trained Spy. The app is tagged the Snapchat spy app and is one of the best and most effective apps for monitoring activity on this particular social media platform. What’s more, it can be accessed for free!


  • A seamless user interface that makes for easy set-up and navigation.
  • Uses optimized algorithms that allow the app to run effectively in the background without draining your battery.
  • The files viewed on the person’s phone are made permanently available to you for downloads, even if they delete them.
  • Includes a feature that allows you to use the front camera on the phone to take a photo whenever someone unlocks it.

  • Only available to use on Android devices running on 4.0 or higher.


Haqerra snapchat

Haqerra App is a specialized hacking solution designed to provide users with comprehensive insights into Snapchat activities. Tailored for parents, guardians, and concerned individuals, this app offers a focused approach to keeping track of Snapchat interactions in a user-friendly manner.


  • Focused Monitoring: Haqerra’s specialization in Snapchat monitoring ensures that you receive in-depth insights specifically related to this platform.
  • Comprehensive Awareness: Stay informed about Snapchat conversations, fostering an environment of safety and responsible usage.
  • User-Centric Design: The app’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible for users of varying technical backgrounds.
  • Discreet Monitoring: Haqerra’s stealthy operation ensures that monitoring remains confidential and non-intrusive.


  • It does not offer a free trial period.

Using Online Snapchat Hacking Services

online hack

Usually, when you look up how to hack my boyfriend’s Snapchat on the Internet, or just you want to know how to hack someones Snapchat, you’ll find some online hacking services that claim to give you access to a Snapchat account in exchange for a survey. These solutions are phony tricks used to make money off unsuspecting folks. They trick you into clicking on ads and submitting your email for a survey in the process of supposedly hacking a Snapchat account. 

Eventually, you get nothing out of it while the website makes money for every ad you click on and the completed survey. You’ll want to avoid such platforms. Generally, the hacking methods show you how to hack into someone’s Snapchat — no survey required. 

Phishing to Hack Snapchat


Phishing is another method that enables you to hack a Snapchat account. However, some people might find it a bit complicated, while it’s also illegal. It involves creating a fake website or purchasing a web domain with the same design as Snapchat’s login page. You’ll also need a pseudo email account. 

Generally, you’ll need to send a spam mail to the target that would contain the link to the web domain. The email would require them to open the link and input their login details to protect their account from hackers or any other cyber threat. Once they provide the necessary information, you’ll receive a mail on your PC or smartphone containing whatever they entered into the link. 

You can then access their Snapchat account and monitor their activities using their login details. However, this method is a bit challenging to pull off, and it’s also illegal. As such, we do not recommend it to anyone. 

Hacking Snapchat Using a Keylogger


Keyloggers are also efficient at helping you monitor your boyfriend’s Snapchat messages and media content. They’re software that capture keystrokes from the keyboard of a target smartphone. As such, they can help you peek into what your boyfriend talks about in his Snapchat inbox. 

You can also get his login details using a Keylogger whenever he logs in to Snapchat or any other social media application. To use this method, you need to gain access to your boyfriend’s phone and install a keylogger application on it. Once you’ve done that, you can monitor whatever he types with his keyboard during chats on Snapchat. 


There are numerous options available for monitoring a Snapchat account. However, spy apps are our top recommended option. If you’ve been on the Internet a lot lately looking for search engine results related to queries like “hack my boyfriend’s Snapchat,” we suggest you get one of the mobile phone spy apps we’ve discussed in this article. They’ll help you confirm any suspicions of infidelity you may have.

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