10 Synonyms to "I am confident I would be a great candidate"

10 Synonyms to “I am confident I would be a great candidate”

Interviews are your chance to make a strong impression on a company. It is your moment to show off your skills and knowledge. But, we often find ourselves using the same terms as everyone else while trying to stand out.

How can you make sure you aren’t using all the same tricks as the others? Below, 10 professionals offer alternatives for saying, “I am confident I would be a great candidate.”

Focus On Your ROI

Leave the interviewer with something to think about instead of just blurting out such an unimaginative statement. I would suggest a candidate remind the interviewer of their return on investment or ROI. Reiterate a few key facts about their previous successes, then segue into a statement of how they would be an asset in the position and for the company should they decide to hire you. This often triggers the interviewer to visually see how a candidate’s skills and talents will benefit their organization.

LT Ladino Bryson, vCandidates.com

Substitute the Adjective

Everyone is confident that they will be a good candidate –that is why they applied for the job. However, if you want to stand out, you have to find an alternative way to express that. Here are a couple of examples: 

  1. My current abilities match the needs and goals of this position. 
  1. I am devoted and qualified to fulfill the job requirements for this position. 

    Court Will, Will & Will

Stories Are Great Synonyms

Instead of saying “I would be a great candidate,” share a story that demonstrates why you’re the best candidate. Whenever I’m in interviews and a candidate makes a claim like “I’m a great candidate” or “I’m a fast learner,” I don’t believe them. Interviewers like me need to be convinced, persuaded and moved. Stories are wonderful synonyms to accomplish that objective. 

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Don’t Just Say What You Are, Show It

The most successful candidates not only say what they are, but they also show it. In this case, the best alternative to saying you are a great candidate would be something like “I know your priority is X in the next six months and here are three examples of how I did exactly X.” This statement, and showing how you actually align with an organization, is a massive contribution that will set you apart from the hundreds or even thousands of other candidates.

Michael Alexis, Teambuilding

Portray Confidence Without Showing It

A candidate can say, “My relevant skills will make me a resourceful addition to your organization.”

Recruiters are always looking for manpower that fits their demands as closely as possible.

Therefore, a candidate should portray confidence without mentioning it. They should tell the potential employer straight to their face that they are qualified to do the job just like it should.

James Jason, Mitrade

Describe Specific Accomplishments

Hiring managers often ask, “What makes you a good candidate for this position?” to see if you are aware of how your unique skills, experience and education align with the position’s responsibilities and duties. Candidates should be ready to explain why they’re a good fit for the position and organization, describing specific accomplishments and distinctive characteristics that will add value to the company.

Mark Christensen, People & Partnerships

Tie In Your Previous Experience

Outline how your previous experience ties in with the job you have applied for and how it can help you excel in the role quickly. Make sure to be specific about situations that give you a unique experience related to this particular role. For example, my background is in eCommerce. If I applied for a position in another Internet company, I’d talk about the fact that I’ve worked in eCommerce for 8+ years, including 6.5+ at Amazon and how my previous experience is highly relevant, including projects I worked and so on.

Ahmed Mir, Nature and Bloom

Put Yourself In the Role

As a current job seeker, I often say, “Taking into account my work history, education & personal skill set, I can confidently see myself actively thriving (at your company), a place that it would be an honor to contribute to its mission.”

Meghan Chayka, Assistant Buyer

Lead With an Example 

Always use examples to prove your value. Instead of saying, “I am confident I would be a great candidate,” say, “My experience in X will make me an excellent addition to Y because of Z.” Not only are you still stating your value, but you are also now providing examples of that value. Stories and examples are great ways to illustrate skills that will help you stand out from other candidates.

Denise Gredler, Best Companies Arizona 

Tell Them What You Can Do for Them

If you’ve already mentioned it, mention it again. The idea here is to be as specific as possible, rather than using the generic “I am confident that I would be a great candidate.” For example, tell them that you would be able to provide valuable marketing insights by helping them grow their social media following to give actionable items on how you would be a great candidate. 

Ryan Nouis, TruPath

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