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vCandidates.com - We are here to help you manage offboarding employees with compassion and thoughtfulness.

We Offer Employers A Low Cost Alternative For Moving Employees Forward

Transitioning employees is never easy but sometimes necessary. vCandidates.com makes it easier. Our 3-month Employer Outplacement Subscription offers an off-boarding solution or off-boarding enhancement and a goodwill gesture during times of workforce reduction.

Why We Do What We Do?

As a confidential career platform for candidates and recruiting professionals only, vCandidates.com offers employers an opportunity to help their transitioning workforce with access to connect with their next opportunity faster while providing those leaving with a positive outlook regarding your organization.

vCandidates.com - Letting people go is tough. Offering a way to help softens the heartache.
vCandidates.com - It is as important to protect the company's culture during times of workforce reduction.

Employer Outplacement Subscription


Create an Off-Boarding  Solution for Your Organization.



Give 3-Month Subscription To Our Career Platform


A  vCandidates.com subscription is a great show of your appreciation to your outplaced employees and an easy add-on to include within severance packages.



Affordable Solution To Help Ease A Heighten Situation


Our network of active recruiting subscribers will help employees more quickly find their next opportunity.



We Provide A Boot Camp With Each Subscription


We are the only career platform that offers candidates a true preparation program to help them discover their soft skills through our 9-step learning module with the aide through mentoring from our vCounselors.

vCandidates.com - Our 9-step Boot Camp program prepares candidates with resume help, mock job interviews and more!

Our Outplacement Subscriptions for Organizations

Extend Your Culture Provide Off Boarding Solution

Extend your Candidate and Employee Experience programs through to off-boarding for all employees making $19/hour and above.


Provide Tools for Career Transition

Help former employees look forward and get in front of recruiters with a 3-month subscription to vCandidates.com.


Minimize the Hazards of Termination and Layoffs

Minimize workers compensation claims, reduce unemployment insurance taxes and increase employee satisfaction with those remaining.

vCandidates.com - Off-boarding can be tough if not conveyed in a professional demeanor.
vCandidates.com - A low-cost goodwill gesture for employees as they work to search for a new job

You Can Leave Them With This…

…Or You Can Give Them This

Extend your Candidate and Employee Experience programs through to off-boarding for all employees making $19/hour and above.

For as low as $125 you can send your employees off with a goodwill gesture. Our Subscription Card can be distributed digitally or as a plastic card branded with your company logo.

3-Month Subscription

A 3-month subscription to vCandidates.com gets the employee looking forward to their next career phase. Candidates build a robust profile with a video presentation, reference checks and personality, culture fit and interview assessments.

Vetted recruiters subscribe to the platform and search for the pre-screened candidates to fill their open positions. No more job search boards or filters.

Career Transition Support

Candidates are encouraged to immediately create their profile and set an appointment with one of our vCounselors to get them in front of recruiting professionals.

Our vUniversity has links to further training, career transition advice from our mentors, and access to affiliated career coaches, life coaches and others supporting transition.

About vCandidates.com

We’re a private, exclusive and alternate platform that connects job seekers with vetted recruiters who will seek them out, keep them informed and will be there to support them during the entire hiring process.

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