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An Open Letter to HR Professionals

As HR professionals today – we’re dealing with an unprecedented event.

I didn’t have a crystal ball and didn’t know the stay at home economy would be launched overnight out of necessity – but as a Human Capital Expert and former HR executive, I did know that HR professionals needed a consistent, compassionate way to complete the full life cycle of our valued employees.

That’s why, just last week, I joined


I am serving as VP Employer Experience and Advisor to their Leadership Board. Interestingly, this role was both presented and negotiated as a completely remote opportunity – even before what the NY Times and others call, “The World’s Largest Work From Home Experiment.”

I wanted to align my Human Capital experience and expertise

with an innovative company for greater impact and results for all stakeholders.

In life and work it is said, timing is everything. Well, I now believe there was an even higher power propelling me towards joining forces with at this moment in time.

It’s my calling to be in partnership with a powerful, practical and elegant solution that provides compassionate career transition management – and an important extension to the employer brand experience – in a way that allows HR and business leaders to know they have provided the best at every stage of an employee’s experience with them.

Here’s what I know for sure and I hope it can help you or those you know:

Historically, March is a good month for job seekers. Covid-19 has interrupted that reality.

Yet, companies, including start-ups are still hiring – business continuity will be paramount; forward thinking companies understand the need for talent within critical roles and; new roles may emerge.

As a Job Seeker today – know that problem solvers are always in demand. Dealing with ambiguity is a key leadership skill. Managing stress and leading through change, being resilient and agile (even as an individual contributor) are all skills needed both now and in the future.

As an HR Professional today – you’re rightly focusing now on management protocols and business continuity plans, creating remote work policies and communicating with your leadership teams and your workforce – all in an effort to protect and sustain business functions.

Literally the health of your organization and everyone in that ecosystem

DEPENDS ON THE DECISIONS made in response to a disruption that no one could have seen coming.

We are anticipating our government will provide some type of relief and/or safety net. And yet, we all need to recognize that it may not be enough.

Certainly, we all wish for health, safety and the ability to continue with our careers.

I am both an optimist and a realist. I recognize it is inevitable, there will be lay-offs and restructuring as companies of all sizes manage through this pandemic and brace for economic downturn or a tightening before we bounce back. And we will bounce back!

Now more than ever, should your organization need to make the very difficult reduction in staff decisions, be assured you have a trusted partner. A team of stellar HR professionals who have walked in your shoes, been on both sides of the career transitions table and successfully managed talent development – and the talent pipeline – across industries. designed an innovative, compassionate solution; one that is scalable, actionable and individualized. It’s truly a cost effective platform to transition employees – at every level. It is this democratization of outplacement services that originally attracted me to this people-centered tech company.

There is always opportunity.

We’re all going to hit some turbulence, but we will level off and all soar high again. Business will go on. It must go on.

Careers will shift, and the brilliant, resilient, and talented

CAREERISTS IMPACTED CAN AND SHOULD BE provided every opportunity



I’ve dedicated my career to empowering individuals to manage their career brand while helping organizations manage their employer brand.

I’m here to help with any career transition assistance for any individual, HR Leader or organization. Click here for more information about our Off-Boarding Program.

We’re all in this together.

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