Features is the ultimate recruiting tool, created for recruiters by recruiters

We’ve created a platform for recruiters to connect them with viable candidates who have been pre-screened by our HR and recruiting team. provides passive and readily available candidates a platform that verifies their experience, vets them for availability and provides visual content and questionnaires that determine culture fit. wants both recruiters and candidates to experience an improved search process. We feel that these features are game-changers for the job search industry. We look forward to you experiencing career success while minimizing job search stress.

vCounselors are here to help!

The Candidate Solution Representative, or vCounselor, will act as a liaison, provide input and assistance to candidates as they create their profiles on the portal. They are the boots on the ground in the marketplace and the first contact - readily available to candidates. Additionally, the vCounselor are here to resolve any emerging problems that our candidate accounts might face with accuracy and efficiency.

 vCounselors are former HR and recruiters. Our vCounselors are genuinely excited to help our candidates. They’re patient, empathetic, and passionately communicative. They love to talk. They can put themselves into the candidate’s shoes and advocate for them when necessary. Customer feedback is priceless, and we trust our vCounselors to gather feedback for the company. Problem-solving also comes naturally to our vCounselor. They are confident at troubleshooting and investigate if they don’t have enough information to resolve issues. The target is to ensure excellent service standards, respond efficiently to customer inquiries, manage expectations and maintain high customer satisfaction.

vUniversity – Resource Center

vUniversity is our online learning and information center for both Candidates and Recruiters. It is freely available to all who sign-up for a subscription and maintain their monthly subscription services.

Our webinars will include free viewings as well as paid viewing events geared toward building confident candidates with appropriate behavior throughout the hiring process. vUniversity will also house information regarding free online programs from accredited learning centers (Harvard, Stanford, etc…) that are readily available to those who wish to continue their learning at their own pace. 

This learning center will include webinars, blog, articles and messages from hiring professionals and trainers including Q&A events with’s  LT Ladino Bryson known as “The Employment Therapist.” Recruiters will be able to brush-up on their tactical and marketing skills with information that will assist with building out their business.


vCan Manager™ Employment Relationship Manager

The vCan Manager™ is’s Employment Relationship Manager or ERM which acts as a communication manager between Recruiter, Candidate and Client. It is best understood as a CRM; however, vCan Manager™ or Viable Candidate Manager™ automatically tracks the search, screening, communication and presentation process. It is a systematic tracker that is only available after signup and with monthly Candidate and Recruiter subscriptions on the platform. It is also the name of our mobile app as its functions are integrated allowing immediate notifications to those who download the app.

Unlike other CRM systems that are mostly one-sided, the vCan Manager™ stores, processes and communicates information between Candidate, Recruiter and even the hiring managers. The vCan Manager™ will track every step of interaction from initial contact between Candidate and Recruiter through to an offer or removal from consideration.

Mobile App

Why Wait? Our Free Mobile App is your vCan Manager™ on your phone. Keeps your interview calendar, messages and notifications at your fingertips to help both recruiters and candidates stay informed of all activity on their dashboard.