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If you are looking for new career opportunities or are in transition, we can connect you with active recruiting professionals through our private and easy to use platform that will showcase your best self.

Finding a new job sucks! However, becoming a visual, vetted, and verified candidate through, you will experience a streamlined career search process within our career-centered platform. provides a simple way for you to showcase your skills and personality while managing your career interests, interviews, and offers within one dashboard.

With our platform, you will have the ability to see recruiter updates, interview scheduling, and on-going communications relevant to your job search all in one place. Plus, we will prepare you through our special Candidate Boot Camp Program with resume, branding and interviewing support, and how to set goals and work with recruiters and a whole lot more!

We provide a better way for you to present yourselves and communicate with recruiters: is an advanced SaaS recruiting platform, mobile app & extensive CRM that allows candidates to say YES to:


The team at understands the problems that plague recruiters and hinder how you get found for the right part-time or full time job opportunities. That’s why we offer a cost-effective way to expedite the recruiter’s search process and allow them to find you – our qualified candidates. We’ve combined all the recruiting tools into one dashboard so that your profile, resumes, video presentations and communications present you in a professional, ready to hire manner. is a subscription-based Employment Search Portal meant to expedite and simplify the career search process while serving both recruiters and people like you who are looking for or are thinking of seeking a new position. Once you accept a new employment offer within your dashboard, your subscription is automatically stopped. There is no fear that you will incur a subscription fee once you are no longer actively or passively looking for your next career opportunity.

Candidate Online Boot Camp has also created an online self-learning program to provide you with pertinent information from our “village of experts.” The course will provide and engage you, as you are starting your job search process, in a series of thoughtful and insightful tasks via videos, webinars and questionnaires that will help you complete your best profile possible. You will have assistance with resume writing, interviewing, learning how to effectively maneuver through our platform and work with our recruiters and, importantly, position yourself well for interviews.


Discovery with Dr. Karen Jacobson

We are please to offer a special coaching session with Dr. Karen Jacobson, a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst. As an expert in Human Potential, she uses some of the most advanced tools available today to help you identify your personal strengths, driving forces and talents in order to develop your skills and abilities to perform at the top of your game in business and life. Through the assessments that she conducts, you will have a better understanding of who you are, what you do and how you do it, leaving you with a deeper sense of self.


Candidate Subscription Packages

Sign-up now for one of our four programs with our Basic Program designed to get you started with a lot of help including our Candidate Boot Camp, our Premium Program designed to advance your opportunities and career, and our Mentor and Special Coaching Programs which combines all the features of our Basic and Premium programs plus an hour session with one of our vCounselors or with Dr. Karen Jacobson, a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst. With these programs, you will understand how to apply your personality assessments to your job search process.

Your initial subscription includes our sign-up pricing and, as a special one-time offer through December 31, 2019, your first two month’s subscription. This will enable you to prepare your profile and get the help you believe you need to get you started.

Maintaining your subscription in the following months will be only $15 per month.

So that you can see just exactly how comprehensive our programs are for you, check out our programs below:

Our Program Features Basic Program $99 Premium Program $199 Mentor Program with our vCounselors $275 Special Coaching session with Dr. Karen Jacobson $350
Candidate Profile
Upload Resume
Profile Completion Meter
Reference Check
Video Tutorial
Personality Test
Uploading Your Video Message
Webinar Signups
Culture Questionnaire
vCan Manager™ Mobile App
Blogs and Articles
Interview Calendar
Social Media Development
Job Pipeline
Access to vUniversity
Customer Support
Plus Our Candidate Boot Camp
Candidate Etiquette
Defining Your Purpose & Goals
Resume Review
How to Build your Profile
How to Present Yourself
How to Work with Recruiters
How to use Social Media
Keyword Development
Mock Interview with Feedback
Emotional Intelligence
DISC Behavioral Assessment
Your Background Check
Your DNA Personality Assesment
Driving Force Indicator
Talent Indicator
A 60-minute special session with our vCounselor
A 60-minute special session with Dr. Karen Jacobson

We are looking to help you in your job search. Each of our programs is designed to do just that. You’ll get a lot of value in just our Basic Program, especially with our Candidate Boot Camp. Our Premium Program and our Mentor and Special Coach Programs are each designed to help you to be more well-positioned competitively as you seek your next career opportunity.

And, remember, sign up before December 31, 2019 to receive your second month subscription for free!

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