Connect with Recruiting Professionals

As a candidate, we connect you with active recruiting professionals. Providing you a confidential and easy to use platform to showcase your best self.

Finding a new job sucks! However, becoming a visual, vetted, and verified candidate through you will experience a streamlined career search process within our candidate centered career ecosystem. provides a platform for you to showcase your skills and personality while managing interest, interviews, and offers within one dashboard. Our vCan Manager™ connection system puts you in the driver seat wherever you are. You have the ability to see recruiter updates, interview scheduling, and on-going communication relevant to your job search all in one place. Our vCounselors are here to help you create your profile and answer any questions.

We provide a better way for candidates to present themselves and communicate with recruiters: is an advanced SaaS recruiting platform, mobile app & extensive CRM that allows candidates to say YES to:

The team at understands the problems that plague recruiters and hinder candidate selection. offers a cost-effective way to expedite the recruiters search process and allow them to find you – our qualified candidates. We’ve combined all the recruiting tools into one and your candidate profile, resumes, video presentations and communications into one dashboard. is a subscription-based Employment Search Portal meant to expedite and simplify the career search process while serving both recruiters and candidates. Once you accept a new employment offer within your dashboard, your subscription is automatically stopped. There is no fear that you will incur a subscription fee once you are no longer actively or passively looking for your next career opportunity. Gives Back through our Build a Better Candidate program. donates $5 from each candidate sign-up fee to a scholarship fund for online learning. Through this scholarship, we are assisting candidates in finishing their bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Candidate Subscription Packages

Basic Sign Up - $50 Create Personal Profile More Info
  • Candidate Info
  • Upload Resume
  • Free Personality Test
  • Reference Check
  • Video Tutorial
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Upload Video Message
  • Webinar Signups
  • Culture Questionnaire
Premium Sign Up - $175 Includes More Info
  • Basic Signup
  • Plus
  • Extensive Personality Test
  • Background Check
Monthly Subscription - $15 Includes More Info
  • CRM
  • vCan Manager™ Mobile App
  • Notifications
  • Profile Completion Meter
  • Messages
  • Interview Calendar
  • Job Pipeline
  • Hotline to vCounselors
  • Access to vUniversity
  • Help Button
3-Month Subscription - $30 Includes More Info