A confidential platform connecting people looking to advance their careers with vetted recruiters.

A goodwill, employer-branding gesture in times of heightened workforce anxiety.

An expedited search, screening, interviewing and presentation process saving recruiters valuable time. marries recuitment software with the human touch.

recruitment face to face meeting

Why are the two so important? No matter how much technology is available, without the human touch of a hiring professional to find and present employees or people in transition effectively, the system will fail. Our recruitment platform provides recruiters the most vetted information when searching for the right talent among our candidate pool.

No other recruitment software is targeting candidates and their career search and aspirations directly.

Recruiters will have a leg up in winning the race to find the best viable candidates to interact with and present to their clients decreasing the possibility of in-house placements or submissions from competing staffing firms.

How are we able to do this? Because our co-founders were recruiters. We understand the problems that plague recruiters and hinders job seekers from being found when searching for their career opportunities.

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Meet the team that has prepared this candidate and recruitment database.

LT Ladino Bryson
CEO/CMO, Founder

LT is an experienced C-Level Executive and Entrepreneur. She has been recruiting since 2012 and has placed more than 600 candidates. As the owner of Clique Hiring Solutions, LT worked permanent, contract, and labor searches for C-Level to general labor positions for clients such as MSC Direct, Red Ventures, Tesla, Sharp Business Systems and others in the IT, healthcare, engineering, accounting, creative services, and hospitality industries.

Prior to recruiting, LT spent 20 years in the entertainment industry serving in marketing, promotions and artist development roles for record companies such as Jive, Arista, Columbia and Sony Music. She has helped with the success of artist projects such as Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Usher, Lauren Hill, OutKast and Wu Tang Clan, to name a few. She now uses the development savvy she learned in the industry to assist candidates in making the best presentation of themselves. LT is also affectionately known as “The Employment Therapist,” and her straight expert career advice has been published in publications and blogs, such as Family Circle,,, Arizona Republic, HR Technology, US News & World Report and She is a “people person” who looks at every situation from a 360-degree viewpoint.

She loves rooting for her Philadelphia Eagles and enjoys music, wine tasting, and hosting parties.

Muhammad Adil Ali

Adil is a Technology Evangelist and Startup Success Enabler. In the role as CIO, Adil seeks to continually develop a strategic vision for expansion on a national and international level. His primary focus is on developing future enterprise and consumer products that will ultimately grow our organization's current state. Having worked with a range of clients, such as Qantas and Rosco to numerous startups, he specializes in helping companies launch or improve their digital products focusing on localizing the user experience and executing the full digital production cycle to the highest standard.

Saad Asad

As CTO, Saad has been with our company since the inception of our software development process. He oversees all tech and design development teams for our company on a daily basis. This includes overseeing all project management aspects and ensuring all deliverables are on-time. Saad has 8 years-experience in Development Management for startups and a proven track record of delivering a broad range of software systems spanning both enterprise and mobile applications. He is playfully known as "The Whiz Kid" in-house for his well thought-out-concepts for great user functionality of all of our products.

Marc Goldsen
Chief Legal Counsel

Marc specializes in securities and business law at Davis Miles and oversees all legal needs for our company. Marc is committed to using his analytical abilities, resourcefulness, legal experience and expertise to perform meaningful work, which provides a lasting positive impact for clients, office and the community at large, while working in a familial, mutually supportive professional environment. He always strives for the ideal combination of character, honor, integrity, stability, congeniality, significant and challenging work, and of course the happiness and comfort of those whom he serves in the legal, academic, professional and philanthropic worlds.

Vonna Mitchell
CFO Consultant

Vonna brings over 25 years of accounting and financial leadership of small to medium public and privately held domestic and international businesses in a variety of industries. She is a creative, enthusiastic, adaptable team player who thrives on constantly changing opportunities in all aspects of business operations. She specializes in understanding the CEO's vision and finding ways to make sure the path to realize the vision is achievable. She loves trying new hobbies with her husband (they’re both currently learning to play electric guitars), binge-watching mysteries, dark chocolate, and anything outdoors in the Arizona sun.

Sara Dimaano
EVP of Operations

Sara Dimaano is an experienced and versatile senior leader with over 12 years of successful strategic and tactical leadership managing company-wide business and technology operations through rapid growth. Sara is passionate about creating wildly successful customers by delivering superior products and services through the alignment and development of employees, processes, and technology functions. She loves to spend time with her kids and grandkids, impromptu road trips, reading, taking classes and connecting with others in her community.

Andy Gray
EVP of Marketing & Sales Strategy

Andy is passionate about how marketing should be held accountable for revenue growth and bottom line achievement and how it can be used to identify new revenue opportunities and underdeveloped market opportunities. He has worked across service and consumer packaged-goods industries where he has marketed and sold to B2B, national account and retail customers. This has included Fortune 500 companies, emerging companies looking to grow, corporations looking to create new divisions and start-ups looking for go-to-market and commercialization support. He is also an avid Dallas Cowboy, Boston Red Sox and Miami Heat fan.

Janet Wise
VP of Employer Experience

Janet brings 20 years-experience leading Human Capital strategies at Fortune 500 companies. A former HR Executive and Global Head of Learning & Leadership, she has extensive knowledge of employee development, career mobility & offboarding consulting as well as enterprise change management. She has a solid track record of building relationships with senior management and transitioning employees. Janet enthusiastically joined vCandidates seeking to provide turnkey career solutions that benefit transitioning candidates at every level; while extending the brand reach for the sponsoring employer organizations. Janet is an avid hobby photographer and can be found on an architectural or botanical walking tour in every city she visits.

Megumi Reagan
Project Manager

Megumi joined our team with 6+ years of experience assisting national and international startups with their development and social content needs. She is one of the founding advisory board members of and provides an alternative viewpoint for gaining awareness in a crowded ecosystem. Megumi is passionate about helping companies thrive by securing their market share via technology and genuine customer interactions. In the role of Project Manager, Megumi is responsible for the coordination of all communication between our executive and development teams. She is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, actively raises funds for charitable organizations, loves studying international cultures and has lived in both Tokyo and Dubai.

Hillary Moon
Candidate Solutions Manager (vCounselor)

Hillary is a caring and highly professional recruiter with over 3 years’ experience under her belt. She became a recruiter after graduating college and quickly became a candidate advocate who is able to gain the trust of the candidates. She spearheaded the hiring efforts for Tesla and successfully managed relationships with over 300 candidates for the car manufacturer. She is the ideal person to assist Candidates in the role of vCounselor. She also has an instinctual love for child development and enjoys volunteering and working with kids in her spare time.

Board of Directors

LT Ladino Bryson

Chairman of the Board

Muhammad Adil Ali


Brion Crum


Thomas Zeleny


Advisory Board

Rick Stoddard


David Blackledge, ESQ

Legal Advisor

Founding Advisory Board

Fred Cohen

PhD Advisor

Judith Iglehart

EdD Advisor

Megumi Reagan

M.A. Advisor

David Bailey

Sales Advisor is here to eliminate the need for recruiters to post jobs on boards or employees or people in transition to use them when searching for new career advancement opportunities. Utilizing our SaaS subscription-based platform and our candidate management system, recruiters have access to unlimited searches of qualified pre-screened candidates through our recruitment database. And, for those of you who are looking for job openings or thinking of seeking a new career, you can control how you present yourselves in a completely confidential platform.


LT Ladino Bryson