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is NOT a Job Search Board…

Developed by recruiters as an advanced SaaS recruiting platform, mobile app and extensive CRM. We offer a three-pronged solution for the staffing marketplace. Our focus is to build up small to medium recruiting and staffing firms while giving candidates the ability to create the best presentation of themselves. is a true subscription-based career ecosystem for serious candidates and
active recruiting professionals.

Our recruitment tools expedite the search, screening, and presentation process eliminating the use of costly job search boards for Recruiters. While our confidential platform allows Candidates to communicate directly with Recruiters and showcase their skills and personality without using job search boards.

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is the ultimate recruiting tool…

Created for recruiters by recruiters, the team at understands the problems that plague recruiters because we were recruiters too. So, we decided to create a platform for recruiters to connect them with viable candidates who have been pre-screened by our HR and recruiting team. provides passive and readily available candidates a platform that verifies their experience, vets them for availability and provides visual content and questionnaires that determine a culture fit.

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Meet Our Team

LT Ladino Bryson

CEO/CMO, Founder

Muhammad Adil Ali


Saad Asad


John H. Boyle


Subscription-Based Career Ecosystem for


Finding good candidates is tough! Try to expedite your search.

As former recruiters we know your pain. We’ve combined all your recruiting tools into one place. We’ve created a better way to expedite your search process while ensuring you are only seeing subscribed candidates who are interested in new opportunities.


Finding a new job sucks, allow us to help simplify the process.

Candidates you can finally experience a hiring process that allows you to be seen, be heard, and hired quicker due to our streamlined process within our candidate centered career ecosystem. provides a platform for you to showcase your skills and personality while managing interest, interviews, and offers within one dashboard and confidentially.


Offer employees outplacement subscriptions through

Show your outplaced employees your appreciation by including our 3-month gift subscription in severance packages. A subscription offers candidates a competitive advantage at quickly finding their next opportunity.