The Alternative Choice for Job Seekers, Recruiters and Employers.

A true advanced career technology system for people seeking career advancement and for active employment recruiters. is a private, exclusive and alternate platform that connects you, if you’re in a job search, with vetted recruiters who will seek you out, keep you informed and will be there to support you during the entire hiring process.

Whether a candidate is searching for a new career or an individual recruiter is looking for a candidate who is seeking to advance their career, recruiters will discover is a refreshing all in one alternative to traditional online job search activities. offers employers the ability to include a 3-month outplacement subscription in their severance and off-boarding packages when transitioning their workforce, a small yet important gesture of goodwill to help move employees forward in a time of heightened anxiety.

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is the ultimate recruiting tool… offers a subscription-based career and recruiting service.


Finding a new job sucks. Allow us to help simplify the process.

If you want to advance your career with a hiring process that allows you to be seen, be heard and be hired, we might just be the program for you. The’s career development center provides a private platform for you to showcase your job skills and personality while managing interest, interviews and offers within.

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Finding good candidates is tough! Try to expedite your search.

As former recruiters we know your pain. That’s because we were recruiters. And, that’s why we’ve combined all your recruiting tools into one place. We’ve created a better way to expedite your search process while ensuring you are only seeing subscribed candidates who are interested in new career opportunities.

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Offer employees outplacement subscriptions through

You can provide an added value benefit when managing individual or company-wide workforce realignment with our 3-month gift subscription in severance packages. A subscription offers candidates a competitive advantage at quickly finding their
next opportunity.

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An all-in-one enterprise and support system.

These services are available to all who sign-up for a subscription and
maintain their monthly subscription services.


Webinars, blog, articles and messages from hiring professionals, trainers and accredited learning centers (Harvard, Stanford, etc.) to help strengthen the skill sets you can offer to new hiring managers. Learning also for recruiters to help brush-up on tactical and marketing skills to assist with building out your business. Plus, Q&A events with’s LT Ladino Bryson who is known as:
“The Employment Therapist."

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Our vCounselors act as your liaison and provide input and assistance to you as you create your profile on our portal. They are the boots on the ground in the marketplace and your first contact. Our vCounselors, who are former HR executives and recruiters, are here to resolve any emerging problems that you might face with accuracy and efficiency and to ensure excellent service standards and high customer
satisfaction levels.

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vCandidates is affiliated with key organizations to add value to every person searching for their next position and every recruiter to accelerate the job search process. Expedited reference checking thru SkillSurvey®, background checks powered by Checkr® and our recruiting subscription add-on enabling the ability to submit candidates with greater gender, racial, and ethnicity diversity
thru TalVista®.

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